Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today I will attend the funeral of a classmate. One gone too young finally free of the suffering a hard fought battle with cancer brings. We will celebrate the gift of her life & be happy for her. We will also mourn deeply the loss her children, husband, parents, siblings, family & friends will now carry.

I didn't expect when I began the year blogging about Kathy, that Amy would be home in heaven with her this soon. Nor was I prepared for the layer of grief that would surface hearing the news of her passing. Even with terminal illness, we are never ready. The priceless gift of life is cannot be not fully appreciated. When our numbered days here are over the wish for one more weighs heavily.

Amy had a loving, sweet spirit and was beautiful inside and out. Her laughter was contagious and echoed joy. She was a devoted mother. Today stories will be shared that can be treasured forever. The blessing of her life will shine brightly and in doing so bring comfort to those who know her. In reflecting on the legacy she leaves I was reminded of these words:

"I have not seen so likely an ambassador of love." Shakespeare

Isn't that our goal? To reflect in whatever measure we can God's love. That is the greatest blessing of a life lived in faith. How rich we are to have that luxury. I did not fully appreciate that when Kathy died. I did have a glimpse of it. I recall very clearly the day I learned Kathy was coming home to die. I wandered my way through the day and it was words I found that comforted me; “Love is the reason why we’re here.” I think I'll find that poster and hang it back up.

Death teaches us about life in a way nothing else can. Today I am thankful for the lessons learned in grief.
C.S. Lewis said "God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pain: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world." I can see and hear more clearly today because pain has taught me to appreciate more fully the gift of each day, loved ones and most of all, God who will wipe every tear from our eyes when he welcomes us home.


  1. Amy's last words to her children and husband were, 'Never give up.' She was a strong as she was beautiful.

  2. "isn't that our goal? To reflect in whatever measure we can God's love." This is beautiful, thank you.